Kingdom Farms

 A Sanctuary of Harmony – Kingdom of the Happy Land


During the height of the civil war, Sarah Davis became a widow.  Her husband, Judge Davis, owned a vast amount of property in the middle of what is known today as the Blue Ridge Mountains located in Western North Carolina. Sarah Davis was left to manage this land by herself after his death.  Part of his property consisted of a range of mountaintops adjacent to the border of South Carolina.


Mrs. Davis had no way to manage the lands; fortunately, she met a gentleman of mixed decent by the name of Robert Montgomery who approached her with a proposal. He proposed that she allow him to manage her property provided he could bring a group of freedom seekers from the deep South to assist.  She agreed.

Montgomery brought approximately 400+ run-a-way slaves to the property. Together, they established a government. They had a king and a queen. They named the property “Kingdom of the Happy Land.” It was during the darkest times of America’s history that these brave individuals found emancipation within the boundaries of the Kingdom of the Happy Land.  They survived the war and cultivated the land.  They left behind faint remnants of their occupation, old cabin sites, a spring carved out of the mountain side and scattered grave sites. Kingdom of the Happy Land was one of only two recognized such kingdoms in the United States.

Kingdom of the Happy Land Farms, LLC purchased this uniquely valuable portion of history in 2017.  As part of its overall plan it established a stronghold in the thriving hemp market.  Kingdom Farms utilized the fields cleared by those who came before to cultivate and grow robust crops which are utilized in the manufacture of its award winning Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract and CDB Oil known as Kingdom Harvest Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract™. Over six million servings of this helping oil have been sold to the public.

The dreams of the founders of Kingdom Farms did not stop at the creation of the hemp products. Shelle Rogers and David Payne live on the Kingdom.  Morning after morning they look over the wilderness which surrounded them and longed to share the natural beauty of the Kingdom with others.  Both Shelle and David have extensive experience in the hospitality industry; so their minds began to create the concept of Kingdom Cabins which is aimed to launch in 2021.

The Kingdom of the Happy Land is uniquely located adjacent to the South Carolina boarder.  The Greenville watershed is established in this area.  It consists of over 30,000 acres of wilderness.  No development will ever occur in this area.  Additionally, a 118 mile hiking trail known as “The Palmetto Trail” runs literally along with border of the Kingdom of the Happy Land Farms.

Lake Summit is only 3 miles from the front gate of the Kingdom and on the western boundary The Kingdom is bordered by Camp Greystone.  The Kingdom property is located in the Tuxedo township of Henderson County North Carolina.  A short 30 minutes from Greenville South Carolina and 30 minutes from Asheville, North Carolina.  The area is known for is natural resources and its beauty.

Kingdom Harvest is immediately adjacent to the Palmetto Trail and it is in the exact location of the original village which was inhabited in 1863 by those who sought freedom.

The property is secluded.  It is inhabited by wild turkey, deer, black bear and a host of other woodland creatures.  In short, it is a Sanctuary of Harmony nestled in the Mountains of North Carolina.